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Endoscopy / Scope 

Endoscopy is frequently performed both in the hospital and also at the yard. It involves passing a long flexible camera in, to visualise the internal structures of the horse. We have a number of endoscopes of different lengths and for different purposes.

  • Airway / Upper respiratory tract
  • Laser
  • Uterus
  • Bladder
  • Stomach


The most frequent use is observing the upper respiratory tract, this can be done either by viewing  through the endoscope or by attachment to a video  monitor.

Endoscopy of the upper respiratory system is often accompanied by tracheal or bronchoalveolar lavage to obtain secretions from the lungs in an attempt to establish the cause of ongoing respiratory disease.

Racehorses and competition horses are routinely tracheal washed to monitor the presence or absence of respiratory disease. This is especially important when there is a drop in performance levels of individual horses or in a number of horses on a yard. 



We perform a wide range of endoscopic procedures using specialised instruments such as biopsy forceps or laser surgey. This allows us to perform minimally invasive standing laser hobday operations, ayryepiglottal fold resections and even remove uterine cycts all using the endoscope.